Wisconsin River Power Co. and Town of Rome


The Central Wisconsin Nature Foundation manages the Twin Lakes Nature Preserve, owned by the Wisconsin River Power Company, leased to the Town of Rome, and operated under agreement by the CWNF.  Wisconsin River Power Company (WRPCO) operates two hydroelectric plants, Petenwell and Castle Rock, on the Wisconsin River.

Petenwell and Castle Rock Stewards


The Petenwell and Castle Rock Stewards (PACRS) was formed in 2007 by citizens interested in helping take care of Petenwell and Castle Rock Lakes, both impoundments on the Wisconsin River.  PACRS works with conservation groups, local and state governments, business owners and landowners along these lakes and the Wisconsin River in Adams, Juneau and Wood Counties. Membership is open to anyone interested in restoring the health of these waters.

Central Sands Water Action Coalition


CWSAC is a group of lake and river groups, conservation districts, conservation organization and individuals concerned with the protection and sustainability of the ground and surface waters of Central Sands area in Wisconsin using science-based decision-making.

Choose to Reuse


Choose to Reuse allows citizens to bring in items they no longer want that are in good working order so that someone else can use them.  There is generally no charge for this kind of “recycling” which helps keep objects out of landfills or trash dumps and promotes sustainability.  Objects exchanged depend on what a particular group has decided to accept, but generally will not include paint, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.  For more information, contact



Firewise is a national program open to communities to encourage neighbors and groups to work together and take action to prevent wildfire and related losses. The program includes information on how to reduce fire risk, wildfire risk assessments, developing an action plan, outreach and education on wildfires.  For more information, contact

Monarch City USA


Monarch City USA is another designation directed at wildlife habitat, especially butterflies.  Founded in Washington state in 2015, the organizations work with communities to support monarch butterflies in many ways, like planting milkweed and nectar plants to encourage monarchs (and other pollinators and butterflies) and raising and releasing monarchs.  For more information, contact Patt Pisellini at

Chester Learning Center


Chester Outdoor Learning Center is owned by the School District of Nekoosa, WI.  Located in the Town of Rome on Alpine Drive, it is a 40-acre forested parcel in the process of being restored.  Plans include a nature shelter, trails with markers for flora and fauna, and outdoor theater for programs, and other educational activities.   Tree regeneration actions and planting also occur.  For more information, contact

Community Gardens


Rome Community Gardens are located on land owned by the Woodland Lutheran Church on 14th Avenue in Rome, WI.  There are 20 enclosed beds, available to anyone, at a cost of $10 per year.  For more information, contact Patt Pisellini at

Home Town Rome Players


Home Town Rome Players is a group of local creative residents that use their talents for service to the community of the Town of Rome.  It holds events throughout each year, donating any profit to local communities like Faith in Action, the local food pantry, and the Central Wisconsin Nature Foundation.  For more information contact or